What should I do if I suspect that a medicine has caused me an injury?

Follow instructions inside the drug packaging

If you develop symptoms while taking a medicine and you suspect the symptoms result from the medicine, follow the written instructions in the pharmaceutical packaging.  The instructions describe the kind of adverse effects that the medicine may have and give advice on how the effects are to be treated.

File a notice of injury with the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company For Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities

You can claim monetary compensation for injuries caused by pharmaceuticals from the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company For Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities by completing a notice of injury form which you  may fill out the form electronically on this website.  For further details on this, click How to make a claim. Before filing a notice you are well advised to consult the treating doctor or other health care person to get his or her opinion about the situation.  Such consultation will make it easier for you to decide whether to file a notice or not.

It may not be worth while to file a notice immediately after the symptoms appear, because claim handlers may need details of later development of your health.  You have three years to file a notice of injury, calculated from the date that you became aware of the injury caused by the pharmaceutical involved.  Yet in no case may you claim compensation later than 10 years after the date at which you discontinued taking the pharmaceutical involved.

Other compensation schemes

Pharmaceutical injuries insurance is a secondary compensation scheme supplementing statutory insurance cover.  As a result, claims accepted under pharmaceutical injuries insurance are paid only after deduction of any compensation or benefits due either under statutory insurance schemes or out of public funds.  Such compensation and benefits are to be claimed from the relevant source (eg Social Insurance Institution) even if compensation were claimed from the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company For Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities.