Pharmaceutical injuries insurance

Pharmaceutical injuries insurance covers unexpected adverse effects sustained by users of pharmaceuticals sold or supplied for consumption in Finland.


Pharmaceutical injuries insurance is taken out by the Finnish Cooperative for the Indemnification of Medicine-Related Injuries.  The insurance covers pharmaceuticals manufactured, imported or marketed by entities who are members of the Cooperative.  The insurance also covers investigational drugs used in clinical trials in Finland providing that the trials are conducted or sponsored by signatories to the insurance contract in accordance with legislation governing medical research. If a comparator used in a trial has been made by another manufacturer, the comparator is covered by the insurance if supplied for consumption in Finland by a signatory to the insurance contract.


Pharmaceutical injuries insurance is issued by the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company For Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities. The insurance company handles the claims and pays accepted claims.

Pharmaceuticals covered

Pharmaceutical injuries insurance applies to pharmaceuticals referred to in the Medicines Act.  The insurance also covers intrauterine contraceptive devices.  Traditional herbal and homeopathic preparations are excluded.