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Our customer service is by phone and email. We do not have a service office.

When you send an e-mail, please note that this is an unprotected email whereby sensitive information, such as health status, bank account number, personal identity number or similar information shall not be sent.

If you want to sen your claim notification or other material by e-mail, please use our Secure Mail following these instructions: Click TURVAPOSTI and a new side opens. Write your e-mail address in the upper box. Write your message and give your claim number, if you have got one. Attache the documents you want to send us. Click Lähetä. You’ll receive an email from Turvaposti. You’ll need to confirm your message by clicking the link sent to your email. Your message will be sent only after this confirmation!


  • 010 219 5712

Our telephone service is open on Tuesday to Thursday from 10 AM to 1 PM.

We record all phone calls.

Media contacts:

The claims and compensation forms must be sent to:

Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities

P.O. box 115


Fax 010 219 5713

Prices to callers: from mobile phone 8,35 c/call + 22,32 c/min and from fixed network 8,35 c/call + 22,32 c/min (prices inc. VAT 24%).


Claims handling,
Claims handlers
Tel. +358 10 219 5712
Tiina Hellgrén,
Tel. +358 10 219 5712
Sanna Klemetti,
Leading legal counsel
Tel. +358 10 219 5712
Jenni Valmu,
Claims Lawyer, data protection officer
Tel. +358 10 219 5712
Sanna Huoponen,
Tel. +358 10 219 5712
Ville Rantanen,
Risk management and investments
Tel. +358 10 219 5712
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