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Report an injury

Please read carefully these instructions before reporting a claim.

1. Download and fill out a notice of injury

You can fill in the PDF form with your computer and then print it on paper. You must personally sign the form and therefore you cannot send it electronically to the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Injury Indemnities.

It is not necessary to enclose receipts or other inquiries about the costs and losses incurred in the claims report. These are investigated separately, in the case of a compensationable injury.

2. Sign the notice of injury

If the claimant is of full legal age, the notice of injury is to be signed by the claimant himself or herself or by a person authorized to sign the notice on behalf of the claimant.  If signed by another person, the notice must be accompanied by the relevant authorization.  If the claimant is underage or otherwise incapacitated, the notice of injury is to be signed by the claimant’s guardian.  In the case of underage persons, such guardian is usually the parents.  If the injured person has died, the notice of injury may be filed and signed by a beneficiary of the death estate.

By signing the notice of injury, the claimant gives consent to the treating institution or another body mentioned in the consent clause of the form to provide the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities with the information and documentation needed to handle the claim.

3. Send the completed form to us

Claims shall be made within one year of the date on which the person claiming compensation became aware of the validity of the Insurance, the injury caused by the pharmaceutical involved and the injured event. The claim form for compensation must be submitted no later than within 10 years from the occurrence of the injured event.

Send the notice of injury to:

Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities

P.O. box  115


You may also send your claim notification and other documents by Secure Mail following these instructions: Click TURVAPOSTI and a new side opens. Write your e-mail address in the upper box. Write your message and give your claim number, if you have got one. Attache the documents you want to send us. Click Lähetä. You’ll receive an email from Turvaposti. You’ll need to confirm your message by clicking the link sent to your email. Your message will be sent only after this confirmation!


4. Obtain our written decision

It is possible that we will contact you to obtain additional information. You can read more about our compensation process next.

How is my claim handled?
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