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Covid-19 vaccines

Pharmaceutical insurance compensation may be claimed for harm caused by a COVID-19 vaccine administered in Finland.

Compensation claims are made by submitting a completed claim notification form to the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities. The relevant medical records of the injured party will be required for assessing any pharmaceutical product damage. There is no need for the injured party to obtain these records, as the insurance company will do so when it needs them for processing the claim. To expedite the process, the claim should specify the care institution where the vaccine-related harm was treated. Please note that we have no access to

No compensation is payable for minor loss or damage. Pharmaceutical insurance covers non-trivial vaccine damage that has caused personal injury to the vaccine recipient. Compensation may be claimed if the harm caused by the vaccine has not passed in 30 days, or if this harm has resulted in medical expenses or loss of earnings exceeding EUR 85.

The following questions and answers concern compensation for loss or damage caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

Our claims settling process is busy at the moment, so processing times are longer than usual. Claim notifications will be processed in order of arrival. The handlingtime is at the moment over 6 months. This means that some of the decisions can be made faster and in some cases the hanlingtime is more than 6 months. The cases differ a lot from each other. That is why it is impossible for us to estimate the handlingtime of an individual case and why we do not answer to requests concerning the handlingtime.


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